Fadzly's blog on his photography

Twilight by the Chinatown jetty (36890024)

Leica R6 | Summicron-R 35/2.0
Teluk Ketapang Beach, Kuala Terengganu (2006)

Just imagine this for a moment…
You’re on vacation. You’ve spent a fair bit of cash getting here, and arranging to have time off work.

The first place you are compelled to go to is a magnificent scene with the most beautiful landscape. You excitedly get your camera out. You don’t rush into ‘snapping away’ as soon as you see the scene anymore.

You stop and look at the light, the weather, and a few things around you. You visualise how the landscape will look as a photo. Then you apply a few secret landscape techniques that only professionals know and then….click.

Then you eagerly press the preview button on your digital camera and… Ooops! You forget something, this is film and there’s no preview and there’s no certainty that you’ll get on film what you just seen.


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